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The saas software includes multi-tenant features. 

Software as a Service

Free SaaS Server. SaaS Packages. Cloud Software Services. 

WinSaaS is a Free Saas Server Software. The software can be downloaded and installed in your local server. It can work as a business or content application server.

The packages available are CRM services, hotel management services and business directory services. The cloud software services includes account management, application management, package and workarea management and much more features.

Create more value to your customers by merging cloud software with the power of your own website. Publish your business and improve the customer experience.

The WinSaaS server packages are a good starting point and example of how you can configure new business rules and applications in the WinSaaS Server.

This free saas server provides a public website to help your business marketing. It's a bridge for a better customer relationship management.

WinSaaS differentiates by being free, very simple and easy to use. It also includes examples of configured and running applications.
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